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Chemical Hazards

Chemical safety guidelines, NIOSH Pocket Guide, workplace guides

Canada: Chemical Hazards and Dangerous Substances [17013] ?

Advice on chemical injury prevention requirements in Canada

Chemical Labeling

Chemical labels, hazard communication labeling requirements & more

CFR Title 16 Chapter II Part 1500 Hazardous Substances & Articles [21091] ?

Full text of CPSC regulations related to labeling of hazardous chemicals

DOE Standard Radiological Control [pdf] [9175] ?

DOE STD 1098-99

NFPA 704 - Hazardous Material Identification Guide [2231] ?

Describes the NFPA fire diamond and PPE symbols used for labeling chemicals

NFPA 704 Chemical Hazard Ratings [14327] ?

Explains the ratings

Chemical Lists

Lists of chemicals subject to environmental and safety regulations

Subpart F Regulated Substances for Accidental Release Prevention [25903] ?

EPA regulated toxic and flammable substances - Sec. 68.130 List of substances

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