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GCat: Business Administration
MCat: Business Services

Best practices. Company and competitive research. Best practices and benchmarking. Corporate governance and shareholder relations. Business ethics and leadership. Performance management guides. Small business resources.

Building Services

Guidelines for management of real property, land management and leases. Steps to take after a property loss. Premises liability issues e.g., storage tanks, asbestos, etc. In-depth reports on facilities and property management issues. How to conduct a safety and health residential building inspection.

Food Services

Food safety guides, checklists, and publications. Food labeling. Food poisoning. Food irradiaiton. Produce. Milk safety. Seafood safety. Guidance on food safety from production to consumption. Consumer fact sheets related to produce food safety. Retail food protection. Online course for understanding food laws and regulations in the USA.

Office Management

Office safety training materials - programs, checklists, handouts, safety talks, etc.

Purchasing Management

Business supply management and purchasing reference sources


Recycling reference materials for scrap metals, mercury, paint, steel, tire and rubber, etc. Universal Waste Rule. Mercury refining.

Security Management

Corporate security. Laptop computer theft. Eavesdropping devices in the workplace. How to protect your business from burglary. Workplace security issues. Armed hold-up prevention. Bank robbery prevention program.

Travel Management

Destination and travel information. Restaurants, travel magazines, vacation specials, etc. Guidelines on how to travel safely throughout the world.

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