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Manual for arson investigation training. Essential indicators of arson. Key facts and control measures for arson. Expert testimony. Arson statistics.

19 Resources
Arson Detection for the First Responder [pdf] [19753] ?

What to do for those first on the fire scene

Arson Fire Prevention Checklist [pdf] [20227] ?

Prepare for potential arson threats

Arson Fire Research Series [pdf] [20841] ?

Technical reports to assist fire departments and local communities with arson control

Arson Investigations: Burglar Alarm Systems [17268] ?

Understanding design parameters, operation & reporting capabilities of burglar alarms

Arson Prevention [1069] ?

Series of reports, articles and handouts

Arson Prevention for Churches & Synogogues [pdf] [19661] ?

What your congregation can do

ATF National Response Team [12801] ?

Help Federal, State, and local investigators meet the challenges of significant arson and explosives incidents

Electronic Databases for the Fire/Arson Investigator [9802] ?

Describes where to locate various databases but does not provide online access

Fire Cause and Origin Investigation [12795] ?

Articles by an Australian fire scene forensic examiner

Fire Investigation & Arson Articles [21683] ?

Series of articles related to arson investigation

Firefighter's Role In Preserving The Fire Scene [pdf] [21685] ?

Outlines the importance of preserving the fire scene and physical evidence

interFIRE Resource Center [12811] ?

Large number of resources related to arson

International Association of Arson Investigators [19662] ?

Professional association for arson investigators

Investigation of Chimney Fires [pdf] [21686] ?

Outlines the more common areas of significance when investigating chimney fires

Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Handbook [pdf] [6627] ?

Designed to teach communities how to develop an effective juvenile firesetter intervention program

Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Handbook [pdf] [9409] ?

How to develop an effective intervention program

Legal Briefs: Expert Testimony [12814] ?

Series of articles on court decisions, sample resume, sample curriculum vitae

National Association of Fire Investigators [21682] ?

Professional association that certifies arson investigators

Ways to Avoid Arson [18326] ?

You can reduce the threat of arson by following these steps

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